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The Havasupai Tribe believes that proactive activities must take place to lessen future damage to what we, as a people, value.

For this reason, we have developed this Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) to identify threats, hazards, potential threats and potential hazards, identify the risks associated with these threats and hazards, the extent that the risks impact us, identify the necessary resources that we can seek and use to mitigate threats and hazards and to identify the most technically feasible and environmentally sound threat and hazard mitigation projects with emphasis on projects that will provide the maximum benefits with the least cost.

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Havasupai Tribal Council Extends Tourism Suspension Through 2022

(HAVASUPAI RESERVATION, Ariz. May 6, 2022) – The Havasupai Tribal Council has extended the suspension of tourism through the remainder of the 2022 season. The Tribe is undertaking the necessary repairs and enhancements to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for our valued guests.

"We have seen our tribal lands return to their natural beauty over the last two years and are eager to share their beauty once again," said Chairman Thomas Siyuja, Sr.

Tourists with reservations through 2022, which have not already been rebooked, are being rescheduled for the same date in 2023. At this time, no further reservations will be taken for the 2023 tourist season.

"The Havasupai Tribe appreciates your ongoing patience and looks forward to once again welcoming tourists back to Supai," said Chairman Siyuja.

For more information, please visit the tourism website at

Havasupai Tribe Provides Testimony at United States Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources; Time is Now to Protect the Grand Canyon

Hearing on S. 387, To protect, for current and future generations, the watershed, ecosystem, and cultural heritage of the Grand Canyon region in the State of Arizona, to provide for a study relating to the uranium stockpile in the United States, and for other purposes.

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Havasupai Tribe Vaccination Incentive Program

The Havasupai Tribal Council has approved a vaccination incentive program to encourage all members to get vaccinated.

Click here for more information and eligibility requirements.

Protect Havasupai From Uranium Mining Congress Must Act to Save the Havasupai Tribe from Extinction
Written by Chairwoman Kissoon in an opinion piece for Newsweek:
"We have seen the irreparable damage uranium mining can do. For generations we have been at the forefront, working to permanently protect our homelands from uranium mining, which has disproportionately harmed and sickened Indigenous people across northern Arizona. The Senate has the power to protect not only our Grand Canyon home and our waters, but also the health and safety of our tribe and the people of the Southwest from the life-threatening effects of uranium mining. We urge the Senate to do the right thing and protect the Grand Canyon now and for future generations."

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School clothing funding assistance is available for students from Early Head Start through 12th grade. Please complete the application and submit it to the Tribal Secretary's office via email at [email protected] or mail to Tribal Secretary, P.O. Box 10 Supai, Arizona 86435.

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